• How to clean your artificial Christmas tree?

    Read our guidelines when the end of the season is here, and you're ready to disassemble your Christmas tree. A significant amount of dust can accumulate whilst your tree is on display, so it's best to clean your artificial Christmas tree before packing it away. After all, there's nothing worse than unboxing a dusty tree, and even more so if you have a family...
  • Are Flocked Trees Messy?

    Are Flocked Trees Messy?
    Are flocked trees messy? - A flocked Christmas tree can be a gorgeous addition to your Christmas decor and can complement many homes and spaces. For instance, Flocked trees look spectacular in modern minimalist house designs with a simple form, space, and color scheme. It's not uncommon for our flocked tree not to be decorated at all; add the lights, fluff, and shape, and...
  • Flocked Christmas Tree vs Regular

    Flocked Christmas Tree vs Regular
    Buying an artificial Christmas tree can often be a daunting experience! We understand a faux Christmas tree is a long-term investment, and you want to make the right choice. You may be a first-time buyer or simply ready to upgrade your decade-old tree for something new and exciting. In recent years, artificial Christmas trees have gained a lot of momentum and have evolved into...
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