Are Flocked Trees Messy?

Are flocked trees messy? - A flocked Christmas tree can be a gorgeous addition to your Christmas decor and can complement many homes and spaces. For instance, Flocked trees look spectacular in modern minimalist house designs with a simple form, space, and color scheme. It's not uncommon for our flocked tree not to be decorated at all; add the lights, fluff, and shape, and voila, your home looks like a snowy winter wonderland. If you're in the mood to decorate, white, glass, silver, and sparkly ornaments make a gorgeous statement.

If it's your first time buying a flocked tree, you may have some initial concerns about a 'messy' setup. So, are flocked trees messy? While setting up the tree, it's not uncommon for a flocked tree to shed some flocking material, depending on the amount of flocking. For instance, a frosted tree has significantly less flocking material as supposed to a heavily flocked tree. However, this shouldn't put you off purchasing the tree of your dreams. Flocked Artificial Christmas trees are a favorite style for many of our customers for their gorgeous wintry and snowy look. We're here to ease your concerns, reassure you and let you know what to expect when you buy flocked artificial Christmas tree and how to minimize flock shedding during setup.

If you're imagining a messy living room full of flocking material floating around in the air, we're happy to inform you; a flocked artificial Christmas tree is not like a flocking spray. The flocking material is more like a fluff that gently coats each branch to create the illusion of snow. The only time you might experience some flocking flying around is when you first remove your tree from the box. Thankfully, each year, the amount of shedding is less and less.
Are flocked christmas tree messyIndeed, knowing is better than not knowing, and they are plenty of things you can do to minimize the mess. First and foremost, clean up as you go! The clean up as you go method! It not only clears the space but it will also allow your mind to focus on each given task. Remember, once you set your Christmas tree up, you need to spend time fluffing and shaping the branches. Fluffing and shaping help to reduce any visible gaps and ensure your tree looks as full and fluffy as possible.

To clean up as you go, make sure to get your vacuum cleaner out before removing your flocked tree from the box. It's best to remove the Christmas tree stand first and place it on top of the disposable mat on the floor. By doing this, when you remove your tree from the box, the majority of flocking material will fall on the mat. Make sure to switch off any nearby fans to prevent the air from spreading the flocking material.

While vacuuming is the no. 1 one prevention, If you're concerned about the flocking material being dragged around the house, make sure to keep any pets away while you are setting up the tree. The flocking material tends to grip your furry friend's paws, creating a mess that no one wants to clean up. It's also best to minimize walking around the house as you assemble your tree! Doing this ensures the flocking material is confined to one room and can be contained and removed before it can spread. Lastly, we recommend wearing an old set of clothes made with no fleece or synthetic fabrics! The flocking material sticks to synthetic materials, and it can be tricky to remove.

If you are interested in purchasing a flocked Christmas tree this year, be sure to view our PF White Fir. This luxury pre-lit flocked artificial Chiasmas tree is available in two sizes and injects a wonderful wintry ambiance into any interior. 

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