Flocked Christmas Tree vs Regular

flocked vs regular christmas tree

Buying an artificial Christmas tree can often be a daunting experience! We understand a faux Christmas tree is a long-term investment, and you want to make the right choice. You may be a first-time buyer or simply ready to upgrade your decade-old tree for something new and exciting. In recent years, artificial Christmas trees have gained a lot of momentum and have evolved into many different styles and variations. They have a versatility that real trees do not; for instance, they create a winter wonderland without the mess of melting snow.

With this influx of new styles and variations, buyers find it increasingly difficult to navigate the space and decide on the right tree that suits their needs. One common question we receive from our customers is the big question of a flocked Christmas tree vs regular. 

Flocked Christmas trees are growing in popularity each year because they look instead natural and non-traditional. Flocked trees are artificial Christmas trees with a generous dusting of artificial snow for those unfamiliar with a flocked tree. A frosted tree is the same as a flocked tree but with lighter and softer snowing. A flocked tree makes a gorgeous statement and adds a touch of snowy ambiance even if a white Christmas is not on the forecast. In contrast, a regular tree resembles a Christmas tree on the other end of the seasonal spectrum but equally effective in creating a festive ambiance. If you are undecided on whether to opt for a flocked Christmas tree a regular Christmas tree, the real deciding factor depends on what type of environment you want to create.

Regular Christmas trees are a favorite for many people who elect the traditional red and green color scheme with fresh burgundy, gold, and green shades. A classic green tree is a neutral base for most ornaments and is highly versatile in tree decor. Rustic, classic, contemporary - you name it, it will go. You cannot go wrong with a regular green tree. 

If you're looking for a non-traditional Christmas tree that is a little out of the ordinary, a flocked Christmas tree is the way to go! While traditional color schemes can and do work well on a flocked tree, contemporary color schemes work like a charm. Metallic ornaments look great on a flocked tree, so if you decide to choose a flocked tree this Christmas, make sure to incorporate some metallic items. Your style of house can also determine whether you opt for a flocked tree or a regular tree. For example, minimalist and neural homes pair beautifully with a flocked Christmas tree and tend to look great with the existing décor.  

Lastly, another thing to consider with flocked Christmas tree vs regular is the tree setup. With a flocked tree, the setup can be a little messier. While it is not as bad as it sounds, you will experience some shedding when you remove the tree from the box and when you fluff and shape the branches. Thankfully, it is nothing a quick vacuum will not solve. We also provide our customers with a disposable plastic matte to protect the floor. Also, we should mention the flocking is not like flocking spray but more like a soft coating of fluff, so don't worry, it will not be floating around in the air! We recommend using your vacuum to clean up as you go, keep pets and children away during set up and minimize walking around the house unboxing, set up, and vacuuming is complete. These are just a few things to consider. 

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