How to clean your artificial Christmas tree?

Read our guidelines when the end of the season is here, and you're ready to disassemble your Christmas tree. A significant amount of dust can accumulate whilst your tree is on display, so it's best to clean your artificial Christmas tree before packing it away. After all, there's nothing worse than unboxing a dusty tree, and even more so if you have a family member prone to dust allergies! So it's best to give your tree some TLC before storing it.

It's also important to clean it properly to avoid unintentional damage, such as discolouration or harm to the needles. When you invest in a high-quality tree, it's necessary to treat it with the utmost care to keep it in pristine condition and picture-perfect for years to come. Cleaning your tree correctly is a good practice to ensure your tree looks its best year after year.

Firstly, to clean your artificial Christmas tree, remove all the decorations and lights (if not pre-lit). One consideration is whether you want to clean your tree upright and assembled or disassembled. It's really up to you. For taller trees, 6ft and above, we recommend disassembling your tree into sections and cleaning one section at a time.

When cleaning your artificial Christmas tree, we recommend using a gentle vacuum with a soft suction to remove the dust without sucking in material too intensely. It's best to place the vacuum head about an inch away from the tree to avoid sucking or breaking any foliage. We do not recommend vacuuming a flocked or frosted artificial Christmas tree to disturb the flocked material. For this, we recommend using a dry microfibre cloth.

If you feel your vacuum is too powerful for regular artificial Christmas trees, we also suggest opting for a dry microfibre cloth and gently wiping each branch. Avoid using any harsh detergents, and this could potentially discolour the tree. If you decide to opt for a slightly damp cloth, it is imperative to leave your tree to fully dry before packing it in a box or storage bag. It is vital to avoid cleaning with water for pre-lit artificial Christmas trees, even whilst the tree is unplugged. Moisture can short-circuit the pre-attached lights, so using water or cleaning solutions is a big no-no.

Once you are happy, each section has been cleaned to your satisfaction, fold the branches and place the section in its storage unit. To prevent any moisture build-up throughout the year, we also recommend placing a non-toxic, odourless moisture absorber or even an open tin of baking soda in your storage unit.

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