What Artificial Christmas Tree Looks the Most Realistic?

Most realistic christmas treeA perfectly trimmed tree is the heart of Christmas tradition. In the past, artificial Christmas trees were often a sad imitation of a real tree. However, these days it is difficult to tell them apart. For customers searching for a natural-looking tree minus the drawbacks of dropping needles and an annual visit to a tree farm, we have plenty of great realistic options! All our trees are crafted with the most advanced cutting-edge technology that offers an artificial Christmas tree faithful to Nature and just as festive as the real thing.

We are at the forefront of a new generation of artificial Christmas trees using Nature's blueprints to curate our selection of luxurious, realistic-looking trees. With our Nature's best foliage®, our realistic trees are as close to Nature as you can possibly get! This technology uses injection-molded polyethylene to mimic an actual evergreen needle's color, structure, and texture. Our most realistic Christmas trees are made with a combination of Nature's best foliage and traditional tips, used for added volume and shape. The traditional tips are positioned at the back of each branch as a perfect underskirt forming an attractive full silhouette.

All our artificial Christmas trees crafted using Nature's best technology typically resemble real evergreen Fir trees. The Fir tree is Europe's most famous Christmas tree and renowned for its soft foliage and even shape - making it a joy to decorate.

We offer realistic options in both our pre-lit and un-lit varieties. If you search for an artificial Christmas tree that comes pre-wired with the lights already attached, Portland Fir's pre-lit trees are the answer. All our pre-lit trees include professionally hand-strung lights embedded within the branches to minimize the appearance of wires. All our pre-lit trees feature clear LED multi-function lights.

If you would like to view our most realistic pre-lit trees, visit:

PF Classic - Available in 6.5ft, 7ft, 8ft and 9ft

PF Grand Fir - Available in 8ft and 10ft

 For our most realistic un-lit Christmas trees, visit our:

Windsor Fir - 7ft

PF Rocky Mountain Fir


If you are looking for a realistic frosted artificial Christmas tree, visit:

Frosted Spruce

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