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A high-quality 8ft pre-lit Christmas tree masterfully crafted with cutting-edge technology bestowing a faux Christmas tree not only faithful to nature but just as beautiful as a real tree. The beauty of this tree rests in its remarkable design. Inspired by nature’s Noble Fir, this tree features breath-taking down swept...
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A high-quality 8ft pre-lit Christmas tree masterfully crafted with cutting-edge technology bestowing a faux Christmas tree not only faithful to nature but just as beautiful as a real tree. The beauty of this tree rests in its remarkable design. Inspired by nature’s Noble Fir, this tree features breath-taking down swept branches, soft foliage, and an even shape.


8ft Pre-Lit Christmas Tree Features:

  • 5023 Nature's Best and Traditional tips
  • Premium metal stand with scratch-proof rubber feet
  • Hinged branches for easy assembly
  • 850 multi-function (warm white) LED lights

Inject some woodland charm into your interior with this fine example of just how realistic an artificial Christmas tree can be. The exclusive design displays a splendid full silhouette with natural-looking foliage and professionally hand-strung lights.

Inspired by nature's blueprint of a Noble Fir, the branches are meticulously crafted with primarily Nature's Best® Foliage underlined with underskirt of traditional foliage to form a beautiful full conical silhouette.

The tree forms part of our Portland Fir® luxury tree collection. With flexible and robust branches, the tree can support even the most extravagant baubles and Christmas ornaments.

With integrated easy setup features including pre-attached branches that dropdown into position and pre lit lights, the is no need to spend umpteenth amount of time setting up your tree. Equipped with warm white LED multi-function lights, the lights highlight the tree’s beauty and bestow a warming incandescent glow to your home.

The design highlights know-how and makes the perfect base for your home interior this Christmas. Ideal for grand hallways, receptions, and living rooms with high ceilings.

8ft Artificial Tree Foliage:

The tree displays a lush, full profile featuring a woodland-green colour, in two styles of foliage, our Nature’s Best™ foliage, and traditional foliage. The Nature's Best™ foliage is the flagship style, designed as a perfect imitation of its fresh counterpart and masterfully formed using advanced injection-moulded technology to mimic the look and feel of an evergreen needle.

As a base layer beneath the Nature's Best™ foliage, the traditional foliage is strategically positioned to add fullness and form to the silhouette of the tree. Both foliage styles are accented by brown stems for added realism. The foliage is made from high-quality flame-retardant materials that are free of tree-related allergens.

8ft Christmas Tree with Lights:

This tree comes with a set of LED lights made with premium bulbs and a green flexible wire to enhance its appealing glow. The professionally hand-strung lights minimize the appearance of wires amongst the branches and are easy to connect. Simply plug them into your tree, and they will light up!

There are eight different modes of operation: steady on, wave, chasing flash, sequential, slow fade, slo glo, and twinkle. Switching modes is as simple as pressing a button located on the transformed. All our lights are CE and ROHS certified.

WARNING: This item contains flashing lights that can potentially cause discomfort or seizures for those with photosensitive epilepsy.

Assembling your 8ft Pre-lit Christmas Tree:

This tree is an excellent choice for customers looking for a realistic Christmas tree with ease-of-setup features. Your tree will arrive in three parts (wrapped in bubble wrap for optimal protection during shipping) and accompanied by a premium tree stand.

The sections of your tree lights are pre-attached, making the assembly very straightforward. Place the bottom section of the tree into the tree stand, and then place the other two sections on top as shown in the instructions. When your tree is assembled, connect the sockets on each section of the tree and plug the main socket into the wall.

Shaping your 8ft Lighted Christmas tree:

After you unpack your brand-new Portland Fir tree, you'll note that all sections have been compressed for shipping purposes. Fluffing and shaping your tree is an important step to ensure it looks its best. To shape your tree:

Step 1: Distribute the tree tips

Starting at the back of each branch, move each tip either straight up or to one side. Ensure that each tip resembles the fanning tail of a peacock. To conceal the tree's centre pole, ensure that each tip is offset from the one before.

Step 2: Pull out secondary branches

As you move towards the front of the tip of each branch, separate the side branches from the main branch.

Step 3: Continue 

Continue separating, shaping, and arranging tree tips until they look textured and full as possible.

In our detailed instructions leaflet that will accompany your tree, we have included additional information on how to fluff and shape your tree.

Storing your 8ft pre-lit Christmas tree:

The proper storage of an artificial Christmas tree is critical to preserving its beauty. Be sure to store your tree in a cool, dry location to prevent any damage. To keep your tree in perfect condition for years to come, we recommend that you use the original box or a cushioned storage bag.

In addition, we recommend purchasing a moisture absorber specially designed to remove excess moisture from your storage box. A tin of baking soda will also work!

Detailed Specifications:


Number of lights

Tip Count

Girth Width



Instructions Included

Hinged Branches

8ft (240 cm)



165 cm

Indoor Use

Flame retardant




Customer Support:

Portland Fir® provides excellent customer support. It is our mission to make each customer experience unique and tailor-made, and to respond to any query or complaint as soon as possible. Would you like to learn more about this product? Please feel free to contact our customer support team for more information.


Portland Fir only sells and delivers products within the United Kingdom and our shipping is FREE throughout the United Kingdom with no additional charges. Depending on the distance between the Portland Fir Warehouse and the delivery destination, the transit time may vary.

In normal circumstances, the transport time will be between three and seven working days for mainland United Kingdom. Generally speaking, there will be a transit time that ranges between 5 and 7 working days for Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and Scottish Islands. 

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        As Pioneers in developing the artificial Christmas tree and at the origin of many home-making innovations, Portland Fir combines quality craftsmanship, creativity, and two generations of exceptional know-how to deliver its customers the best selection of luxury artificial Christmas trees and home décor products.

        At Portland Fir, we help our customer elevate their space with style, sophistication, and luxury by providing high-quality products to enjoy year after year. We offer our customers the highest level of customer care and continually look at new ways to improve their experience.
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