With our background firmly rooted in horticulture and an appreciation of the natural world, we started Portland Fir in 1990. The story of Portland Fir is intertwined with the life of its founder, Jane Montgomery. As a little girl exploring nature and a daughter surrounded by her mother's gardening books, she was stunned by the sacred beauty of the natural world. Her intrinsic sense of awe and curiosity about the natural world is the source of much inspiration behind Portland Fir's products.

In her early 20s, Jane moved to London to set in motion her career in design. While working an entry-level position in a supermarket chain, she was tasked with the store's Christmas display. While assessing the artificial Christmas trees, she became aware of the unpleasant quality. They were a challenge to assemble and faintly resembled a real Christmas tree.

She caught a glimpse of a striking Christmas Tree through the window of a London townhouse in Portland Place and was mesmerized by the natural beauty. It was a whimsical broad, pyramidal evergreen tree with a spire-like crown. When she returned to work, she remembered the tree and, at that moment, she envisioned a new generation of artificial Christmas trees, a tree with a far more organic and lifelike look.

She commenced what would become her lifelong vocation to develop fine artisan Christmas trees. She named the company Portland Fir after Portland Place, and since 1990, we have been at the forefront of innovation and design in the manufacture of Artificial Christmas Trees. In recent years, in partnership with her daughter, Rebecca, who is equally passionate about design, Portland Fir has advanced into bespoke artificial flowers and luxury scented candles.

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