Portland Fir thrives in a climate of creative freedom. Our artistic director gives full reign to her creativity, supported by exceptional know-how and nourished by an insatiable curiosity of the natural world. Throughout our history, we have followed our vocation to create exclusively designed products that deliver the perfect harmony between price, elegance, and practicality. Year on year, our timeless creations express our house's ever-evolving aesthetic and philosophy to nurture and promote our artistic expression actively.

We work with artists all around the world. Our artists bring us back to our humanity; they make the unseen seen. The universe is our artistic playground. Our earth acts as the stimulus to our designs, whether our history and roots, our rejoicing wildflowers, or the perfumed whispering breeze of young summer. In crafting our products, we look towards a vocabulary of shapes, a palette of colors, various textures, and a combination of materials. We dedicate our craftsmanship to make our customer's dreams come true. Our creations embody fluidity and elegance enriched with a sense of timelessness.

creative freedom
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