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If you would like to inject a sense of mountain flair into your home, this 7ft artificial Christmas tree is a splendid choice. Inspired by a natural Rocky Mountain Fir tree, the unlit tree boasts a complete and layered appearance featuring distinctive, lifelike foliage, a marvelous silhouette and fuss-free setup...
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If you would like to inject a sense of mountain flair into your home, this 7ft artificial Christmas tree is a splendid choice. Inspired by a natural Rocky Mountain Fir tree, the unlit tree boasts a complete and layered appearance featuring distinctive, lifelike foliage, a marvelous silhouette and fuss-free setup features.


7ft Artificial Christmas Tree Features:

  • 1035 Nature's Best™ and traditional tips
  • Premium Metal Stand with scratch-proof rubber feet
  • Hinged Branch Construction - Fuss-free assembly

This is the best 7ft artificial Christmas tree if you're looking for a tree with a distinctive and original style. The tree is unusual by design in that it features an attractively rugged silhouette. It mimics the appearance of a Rocky Mountain Fir and boasts beautiful, splendid natural characteristics with its organic shape, lifelike foliage, and long slender branches.

In the greens of this Christmas tree is the visual poetry of passion, dedication, and artistry. The tree exhibits a perfect combination of our Nature's Best® foliage and traditional foliage to create a charming full, bushy profile featuring a variety of horizontal and upward sweeping branches.

The 7ft Christmas tree comes unlit with a sturdy metal stand that provides a stable base for your tree to sit upright. All our artificial Christmas requires minimal setup with easy step-by-step instructions included.

 The tree is designed with a hinged drop-down branch system with branches already connected to the centre pole of the tree. During setup, there is no need to sort or attach any branches to the pole of the tree; connect each tree section and release the branches into position. 

If you are looking for a durable artificial Christmas tree with strong, long slender branches, this Portland Fir tree is a reliable choice, perfect for hanging your precious ornaments.

7ft Christmas Tree Foliage:

The tree features Nature's Best™ foliage to mimic the appearance of an actual Rocky Mountain Fir needle in colour, structure, and texture. The needles are incredibly lifelike with a semi-flat surface and 3D shape.

To create the tree's unique form, the branches also feature traditional foliage nestled between and positioned at the back of each branch to create volume. Each tip is enhanced with brown-tinted stems to boost the trees lifelike appearance.

At Portland Fir, all our trees are designed and constructed by experienced engineers with 30 years of experience. We use only the highest quality raw materials in the crafting of our Christmas trees. All our foliage is fire resistant and tree-allergen free.

Assembling your 7ft Rocky Mountain Fir Tree:

Besides excellent craftsmanship and a lifelike appearance, the 7ft Christmas tree offers technology to make its assembly quick and fuss-free. This means you can spend less time assembling your tree and more time decorating it.

Your tree will arrive in one box containing three tree sections, a premium metal stand and detailed assembly instructions. With the tree's hinged branch construction, there is no need to manually attach each branch to the centre pole of the tree. For your convenience, each branch is already connected to the pole of each section of the tree.

To construct your tree, set your tree stand on the floor and secure the bottom section of the tree in the stand. Once the bottom section is secured with a screw-in bolt, slot in the middle and top sections, the assembly of your tree should only take a couple of minutes.

Please note that no utensils are required for setup.

Once you have assembled your tree, you can now proceed to fluff and shape it.

Shaping your 7ft Artificial Christmas Tree:

All artificial Christmas trees requiring fluffing and shaping; this is an essential step to ensure your tree looks as full and bushy as possible. This is a step many people unfortunately overlook. It's effortless to fluff and shape your tree strongly recommend dedicating a reasonable amount of time and give it your best effort to do your tree the justice it deserves! 

To begin:

Step 1: Distribute the tips

Once you have assembled your tree, the first step is to start at the back of each branch and manipulate each tip either straight up or to one side. Work your way towards the front of each branch. Ensure each tip is positioned at an altered angle to the one before, like the feathers on the tail of a peacock. 

Step 2: Pluck out side branches

Some of our trees are designed with secondary branches that shoot out from the tree's primary branches. These are called side branches. If your tree style is crafted with these side branches, be sure to pull them out away from the primary branch.

Step 3: Keep on going

Continue to fluff and shape your tree with the above steps focusing on one branch at a time. Doing so will give your tree a beautiful final aesthetic and act as a perfect backdrop to hang your precious Christmas decorations. 

Storing your 7ft Christmas Tree:

When you invest in the best 7ft artificial Christmas tree, you'll want to ensure it is stored well and protected for years to come. Storing your tree properly will also extend the lifespan of the tree. 

Excess moisture is a threat to your tree whilst in storage. Excess moisture can cause damage to your tree or even cause an odour. Therefore, it's crucial to store your tree in a cool, dry place. Whether you intend to keep your Christmas tree in its original box or a tree bag, we strongly suggest investing in a moisture absorber to remove any surplus moisture to maintain the best climate for your tree.

Tree Specifics:


No. of lights

No. of decorations

Tip Count

Girth Width



Hinged Branches

Tree Stand

7 ft (210 cm)





Indoor Use

Flame retardant


Metal stand


Customer Care:

At Portland Fir, we make it our priority to offer our customers the highest level of customer service. We understand that choosing a Christmas tree can often be a daunting experience. Therefore, we are here on demand to answer any questions you may have about our product. If you have a question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

7ft Artificial Christmas Tree in UK: Shipping

Our artificial Christmas trees are available to all customers within the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, at present, we do not offer our products to any other countries. We offer FREE shipping on all deliveries nationwide and provide our customers with a speedy delivery service.

On average, once you place your order, you should expect to receive your tree within 3 - 5 working days for mainland UK and 3 - 7 working days for Scottish Islands, Channel Islands and Northern Ireland.

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