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Our silver decorated Christmas tree is a tree worth swooning over! The decorated 6.5 ft tree is beautifully styled in the spirit of the season, reminiscent of a frosty snow scene. It features an assortment of luxurious Christmas decorations and clear multi-function lights.  FREE DELIVERY ON ALL ORDERS Silver Decorated...
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Our silver decorated Christmas tree is a tree worth swooning over! The decorated 6.5 ft tree is beautifully styled in the spirit of the season, reminiscent of a frosty snow scene. It features an assortment of luxurious Christmas decorations and clear multi-function lights. 


Silver Decorated Christmas Tree Features:

  • 120 clear multi-function LED lights (not pre-lit)
  • 120 stunning silver and white Christmas decorations (ready-to-dress)
  • Premium metal stand (black exterior) with scratch-proof rubber feet
  • 1014 Soft luxury tips (100% traditional foliage)

If you are looking for a statement tree, this tree is a glamorous choice. Inspired by our 2021 theme, Contemporary Cheer, this tree is all about the simplicity of whimsical, wintry whites and silver – an appropriate colour palette for those seeking a modern look.

The tree brings a luxurious touch to your festive décor featuring a selection of glamorous Christmas decorations in various styles, shapes and finishes, including metallic berries, glitter poinsettias, reflective droplets and shimmering organza bows.

Meticulously crafted with lush, dense foliage featuring two styles of needles in two shades of green, the tree provides the perfect backdrop to any glistening decor. 

The foliage is made from the highest quality materials and attached to perfect, evenly spaced hinged branches that fold outward for quick and easy setup. The tree's full profile and conical silhouette make it an ideal tree for a living room, hallway, or foyer.  

Illuminated with a set of high-quality lights that add a soft, ambient glow to the decorations, the tree provides your entire interior with a warm wintry ambience. The silver decorated Christmas tree is supported by a durable metal stand made from galvanized steel and features scratch-proof rubber feet. This tree will create quite a festive atmosphere year after year.

Decorated Silver Christmas Tree Foliage:

Our trees are designed by veteran engineers with more than 30 years of experience. The tree is made with 100% traditional foliage and features two styles of needles, our classic long spindled needles and soft, flat needles. The combination of needles strategically arranged creates an attractive conical silhouette.

The tree is enhanced with brown-tinted stems, and the foliage is coloured in two shades of lifelike green. The tree is fire resistant and completely free of any tree-related allergens, ideal for family members prone to these kinds of allergies.

Silver Decorated Tree Lights:

High quality, long-lasting, and multifunctional - To add sparkle to your tree, this silver artificial Christmas includes with a set of clear lights. 

Eight different modes of operation are available with these LEDs: steady, twinkle, sequential, slow fade, eaves, slow glow, flashing and chasing flash. A toggle switch controls these modes. ROHS- and CE-certified.

Warning: Those with photosensitive epilepsy should know that this item contains flashing lights that can cause discomfort or seizures.

Assembling your Silver Decorated Christmas Tree:

For customers looking for a tree that is easy to assemble, this silver decorated tree is suitable. When you receive your tree, a single box will contain all three parts and the stand and step-by-step instructions.

The tree's hinged branch construction facilitates and accelerates the assembly of the tree. To assemble, position the bottom section of the tree in the steel stand provided, then layer the other two sections on top. When constructing your tree, you should place it as near to the final location as possible. No tools or equipment are necessary to assemble your tree.

Once your tree is assembled, wrap the lights around each branch and decorate it.

Shaping your Silver Decorated Artificial Tree:

Once you receive your Portland Fir tree, you will find that all tree sections have been compressed for shipping requirements. Due to this, it is vital to fluff and shape each branch of the tree. Typically, the first time this is done, it takes the longest. 

This is how you can shape and fluff your tree:

Step 1: Begin by distributing the tips

Starting at the back, move the tips along each branch straight up or to one side like that of a peacock's tail. Make sure that each tip is positioned differently from the previous one to hide the tree's pole successfully.

Step 2: Position side branches

When coming to the end of each branch, pull out the side branches that shoot out from the tips. 

Note: Not every tree has these side branches. 

Step 3: Carry on

This process should be repeated until the branches appear bushy and full.

You can also find additional information regarding how to fluff your tree and shape it in the comprehensive instructions that come with your tree.

Insider's tip: What better way to build memories than to fluff and shape your tree with family and friends

Storing your Silver Decorated Artificial Christmas Tree?

Taking care of your Christmas tree and storing it properly can extend its lifespan. Each year, to protect your tree, make sure to keep your tree in a cool, dry location. Be sure to remove all decorations and ensure all branches are clean and dry before storing your tree for the following year. Using the original box or a well-padded tree bag is recommended to protect your tree from damage.

As well, we recommend you purchase a moisture absorber to remove excess moisture from your box. Alternatively, you can use an open tin of baking soda!

Additional Information: 


Number of lights

Number of decorations

Tip Count

Girth Width



Hinged Branches

Tree Stand

6.5 ft





Indoor Use

Flame retardant


Metal stand

Customer Care:

Portland Fir® offers world-class customer service. Our goal is to provide customers with a personalized experience and resolve any queries or complaints as soon as possible. Have a question? Contact a member of our customer service team.

Shipping and Returns:

Portland Fir products aren't available outside of the United Kingdom. We offer FREE shipping across the country. Depending on the distance between Portland Fir Warehouse and the delivery destination, delivery time may vary.

Once your tree has been dispatched from our warehouse, shipping within the UK mainland typically takes between three and seven working days. Transit time for Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, and Scottish Islands usually ranges between five and seven working days.

The products made by Portland Fir are of the highest quality. With a valid receipt within 30 days of purchase, all products may be returned. The item must be brand new, unused, saleable condition and packaged in its original packaging. For more information, see our return policy.

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At Portland Fir, we help our customer elevate their space with style, sophistication, and luxury by providing high-quality products to enjoy year after year. We offer our customers the highest level of customer care and continually look at new ways to improve their experience.
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