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This luxury pre-lit Christmas tree beautifully emulates the physical appearance of a natural Fraser Fir with its breath-taking silhouette, colour, and fullness. Its Nature's Best™ foliage and high tip count make it one of our most realistic trees. The tree offers unparalleled realism as though it has been selected straight...
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This luxury pre-lit Christmas tree beautifully emulates the physical appearance of a natural Fraser Fir with its breath-taking silhouette, colour, and fullness. Its Nature's Best™ foliage and high tip count make it one of our most realistic trees. The tree offers unparalleled realism as though it has been selected straight from the forest!


Luxury Pre-Lit Christmas Tree Features

  • Soft Luxury Tips (Nature's Best™ Foliage and Traditional Foliage)
  • Pre-Lit Multi-Function (warm white) LED Lights
  • Premium Metal Stand with Scratch-Proof Rubber Feet
  • Hinged Branches for Easy Assembly
  • Instructions Included

This tree highlights know-how and meticulous attention to detail. At Portland Fir, all our luxury pre lit Christmas trees in UK are designed by 30-year veteran engineers that adhere to exceptional quality and lasting standards.

This tree adds a tranquil bliss to any interior with its impressive realism, full profile, and natural charm. Designed to mimic its natural counterpart, the Fraser Fir, a tree native to the Appalachian Mountains, is gloriously lifelike and faithful to nature. 

The substantial tree has a fresh clean-cut look and flaunts strikingly realistic flexible branches made with a combination of Nature's Best™ foliage and traditional foliage in natural shades of green. The beautifully tapered branches are firm and hold their shape well, making them ideal for hanging your precious ornaments.

The Christmas tree is professionally wrapped with a set of charming (warm white) LED lights, both long-lasting and energy-efficient. The lights are hand-strung to minimize the appearance of wires and programmed with eight different modes (multi-function) to brighten up your home; the choice is yours. 

The tree includes a sturdy metal stand with scratch-proof rubber feet to keep your tree upright and in position. Featuring hinged branches, the foliage is readily attached to the tree's structure, allowing for a quick and easy setup. This tree is just as beautiful as the real thing, with the advantage that It will last much longer and require little maintenance!

Pre-lit Christmas Tree Foliage

The tree displays a lush, substantial-profile featuring dark green foliage in two styles of foliage, our Nature's Best™ foliage and traditional foliage. The Nature's Best™ foliage is the predominant style, chosen for being a perfect imitation of its fresh counterpart and made using advanced injection-molded technology to imitate the look and feel of an actual evergreen needle. 

The traditional foliage is strategically positioned to form a base layer underneath the Nature's Best™ foliage to add fullness and form to the tree's silhouette. Natural brown stems accent both styles of foliage to replicate a real Fraser Fir accurately. The foliage is attached to hinged branches that fold outward for an easy and uncomplicated setup. The foliage is made from high-quality flame-retardant materials and is free of tree-related allergens.

Luxury Artificial Christmas Tree Lights

Full of features, longevity, and high quality - The tree is offered with a set of gorgeous tree lights made with premium LED bulbs and a green flexible wire to add delightful warmth to your tree. The lights are professionally hand-strung to minimize the appearance of wires and easy to connect; join the light's sockets, plug your tree into the wall and voila! 

The lights feature eight modes: steady on, wave, sequential, slow fade, slo glo, chasing flash, slow fade, and twinkle. To change the mode, press the button of the transformer. CE and ROHS certified. 

Warning: This item contains flashing lights that can potentially cause discomfort or seizures for those with photosensitive epilepsy. 

Assembling your Luxury Pre-lit Christmas tree

For customers looking for an outstandingly realistic Christmas tree with painless setup features, this tree is an exceptional choice. You will receive your tree in three parts (wrapped in bubble wrap for optimal protection during shipment) accompanied by a premium tree stand. 

Each section is pre-attached to your tree lights, so assembly is very straightforward and swift. Slot the bottom section of the tree into the tree stand, and slot the other two sections on top as demonstrated in the accompanying instructions leaflet. Once your tree is assembled, connect the light's sockets attached to each tree section and plug the main socket into the wall.

Shaping your Luxury Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Tree

When you unbox your new Portland Fir tree, you will first notice all three sections have been compressed for shipping purposes. Fluffing and shaping your tree is a crucial step to make sure your tree looks it's absolute best. To shape the branches:

Step 1: Fan out the tips

At the back of each branch, move each tip straight up or to the side. Each inner tip should look like a peacock's fanned tail. To conceal the centre pole of the tree, make sure each tip is offset from the one before.

Step 2: Pull out side branches

As you move toward the branch's front, separate the side branches that shoot off from the main branch. 

Step 3: Spread the tips

Continue to separate, shape, and arrange each tree tip until each layer of foliage looks as natural and full as possible. 

For your convenience, we have included additional information on how to fluff and shape your tree in our detailed instructions leaflet that will accompany your tree. 

Storing your Luxury Pre-lit Christmas Tree

To retain the beauty of your artificial Christmas tree, it is imperative to store it properly. To prevent any damage, make sure you store your tree in a cool, dry place. We recommend using the original box or a cushioned storage bag to keep your tree in pristine condition for years to come. 

We also recommend purchasing a moisture absorber specially designed to remove excess moisture from storage boxes. Alternatively, an open tin of baking soda will also do the trick!

Customer Support

Portland Fir® provides excellent customer support. We aim to provide each customer with a tailored, unique experience and respond to queries or complaints within 24 hours. 

 Sizes Available


Number of Lights

Tip Count

Girth Width



Instructions Included

Hinged Branches

6.5 ft



140 cm

Indoor Use

Flame retardant



7 ft



147 cm

Indoor Use

Flame retardant



8 ft



156 cm

Indoor Use

Flame retardant



9 ft



163 cm

Indoor Use

Flame retardant




Note: Decorations not included.

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        As Pioneers in developing the artificial Christmas tree and at the origin of many home-making innovations, Portland Fir combines quality craftsmanship, creativity, and two generations of exceptional know-how to deliver its customers the best selection of luxury artificial Christmas trees and home décor products.

        At Portland Fir, we help our customer elevate their space with style, sophistication, and luxury by providing high-quality products to enjoy year after year. We offer our customers the highest level of customer care and continually look at new ways to improve their experience.
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