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Inject a sense of contemporary luxury into your interior with our soft, elegant, and dreamy rose gold Christmas tree! This 6.5ft tree adds just the right amount of elegance, femininity, and glamour to your home, featuring a full silhouette garnished with exquisite rose gold Christmas ornaments and clear multi-function lights.  ...
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Inject a sense of contemporary luxury into your interior with our soft, elegant, and dreamy rose gold Christmas tree! This 6.5ft tree adds just the right amount of elegance, femininity, and glamour to your home, featuring a full silhouette garnished with exquisite rose gold Christmas ornaments and clear multi-function lights.  

Rose Gold Christmas Tree Features:

  • 120 clear LED lights (multi-functional) - not pre-lit
  • 120 beautifully crafted Christmas decorations (ready-to-dress)
  • Premium metal stand with scratch-proof rubber feet
  • 1014 Soft luxury tips (100% traditional foliage)

Gone are the days where reds and greens are the only colours considered for the festive season. Inspired by our 2021 theme, Contemporary Cheer, the tree presents a breath-taking colour scheme in rich layers of gold, ivory, and dusky pink. 

If you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary but not looking for a complete colour scheme overhaul, this 6.5ft rose gold Christmas tree is a perfect choice. The dusky pink details add just the right amount of cosmo chic, feminine vibes without being the focus of attention. This shade provides a softer alternative to red, and warmer to white covering an enormous spectrum.

This tree presents a charming true-to-life green colour and features soft, luxurious tips expertly crafted with 100% traditional foliage for a full, fluffy, and plentiful appearance. An easy-to-assemble hinged branch technique allows for a fast and easy setup. Step-by-step instructions included.

The tree is richly adorned in a variety of rose gold Christmas tree decorations in an assortment of shapes, sizes, and finishes, including glitter icicles, pink poinsettias, ivory baubles, pink-glittered pinecones, clear-gemmed snowflakes, and a rose gold tree topper. Brought to life with a set of warm white multi-function lights, this tree adds a whole new level of sparkle and shimmer. 

The tree comes with a sturdy metal stand made from galvanized steel for long-lasting durability. The twistable stand features scratch-proof rubber feet. This tree will create quite a festive impression year after year.

6.5ft Rose Gold Christmas Tree Foliage:

The tree features a bushy conical silhouette crafted with a superb mix of long-spindled pine needles and soft, flat needles made with 100% traditional foliage. The foliage is layered beautifully with tapered branches and drop-down hinged branches that fold outward for effortless assembly.

The tree is perfected with true-to-life green colour and brown-tinted stems to emulate that of an actual evergreen. The foliage is resistant to fire and free of tree-related allergens.

Rose Gold Christmas Tree Lights:

Multi-functional, long-lasting, and high quality – The rose gold Christmas tree is offered with a set of lovely tree lights made with clear LED bulbs and a true-to-life green wire to add shimmer and sparkle to your tree. 

These lights can be set in eight modes: steady on, wave, sequential, slow fade, slow glo, flashing, chasing flash, and twinkle. A toggle switch on the transformer controls this function. The lights are ROHS and CE certified.

Warning: For those with photosensitive epilepsy, this item contains flashing lights that may cause discomfort or seizures.

Assembling your Rose Gold Christmas Tree:

This rose gold Christmas tree is a fantastic option for customers looking for an easy to assemble tree. The tree will come in a single box with three parts, along with a premium stand and step-by-step instructions.

Our hinged branch system simplifies and streamlines the assembly of the tree. To assemble, place the bottom section of the tree in the stand, then stack the other two sections on top. When assembling your tree, you should position it as close as possible to the final location. No tools are needed to assemble the tree.

After you have assembled your tree, wrap the lights around each branch and decorate it.

Shaping your Rose Gold Artificial Christmas Tree:

Upon unpacking your brand-new Portland Fir tree, you will see that all sections have been compressed for shipping reasons. For that reason, it is essential to fluff and shape the tree. Usually, the first time around, this step takes the longest. In subsequent years, it will be easier. 

You can fluff and shape your tree as follows:

Step 1: Distribute tips

Starting from the back of the branch, move the tips straight up or to one side in a manner similar to the tail of a peacock. Ensure that each branch is offset from the previous one to conceal the tree's centre pole.

Step 2: The next step is to spread the side branches

When approaching the front of the tip of each branch, separate the side branches.

Step 3: Repeat the above

Repeat these steps until the branches appear bushy and full.

Additional information regarding how to fluff and shape your tree can be found in the comprehensive instructions that come with your tree.

Insider's tip: Why not create a memorable experience by shaping a tree together with family and friends?

Storing your Rose Gold Christmas Tree?

Your Christmas tree can last for many years if it is well taken care of and stored correctly. Choosing a cool, dry location will help prevent damage to your tree. Make sure to remove all decorations and ensure that all branches are clean and dry before storage until the next season. It is recommended that you use the original box or a well-padded tree bag to maintain your tree in perfect condition.

Furthermore, we recommend purchasing a moisture absorber specially designed to remove excess moisture from your storage box. An open tin of baking soda can also work!

Tree Height and Specifications:


Number of lights

Number of decorations

Tip Count

Girth Width



Hinged Branches

Tree Stand

6.5 ft





Indoor Use

Flame retardant


Metal stand


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