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7ft If you've been wondering where can I buy a silver Christmas tree, you've come to the right place! This professionally styled tree is nothing short of mesmerizing. The 7ft tree injects a stylish dream-like ambience to your home with its full profile, exquisite decorations, and clear lights. FREE DELIVERY...
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7ft If you've been wondering where can I buy a silver Christmas tree, you've come to the right place! This professionally styled tree is nothing short of mesmerizing. The 7ft tree injects a stylish dream-like ambience to your home with its full profile, exquisite decorations, and clear lights.


Silver Christmas Tree Features:

  • 150 clear LED lights (not pre-lit)
  • 150 luxuriant Christmas decorations (ready-to-dress)
  • Premium metal stand (scratch-proof rubber feet) – Glossy Black Exterior
  • Hinged branch construction
  • 1172 mixed tips (100% traditional foliage)

This is the best silver Christmas tree if you're looking for a professionally styled 7ft tree with lights and decorations included. Inspired by our 2021 theme, Contemporary Cheer, the tree incorporates a modern yet classically festive colour scheme bound to spread happiness this festive season. The crisp white and sparkling silver tones bring a worthy flourish of elegance to your interior. 

The tree features gracefully upswept branches expertly crafted with a hinged construction for a fuss-free setup. The branches feature a mix of traditional foliage in two shades of lifelike green. The tree's full, conical profile makes It the perfect backdrop to display its ornaments.

Exuding both elegance and quaint Christmas charm, the tantalizing decorations lend the tree a delightful twinkle. The tree features a mix of decorative baubles, glitter icicles, natural pinecones, metallic berry-picks, organza bows, and silver poinsettias. 

The white and silver Christmas decorations contrast beautifully with the natural green foliage, and the frosted white star tree topper perfects the look!

An incredible glow emanates from the clear multifunction lights accompanying the tree, making the tree unforgettably appear to sparkle and shimmer.

The tree includes a durable metal stand presenting a glossy black exterior and scratch-proof rubber feet to protect your floors. 

Best Silver Christmas Tree Foliage:

Bushy and conical, this tree is expertly crafted with a mix of long-spindled pine needles and soft, flat needles made with 100% traditional foliage. Foliage is layered beautifully with tapered branches that fold outward for ease of assembly.

To emulate an actual evergreen, the tree's green colour and brown-tinted stems are incredibly lifelike. Allergen-free and resistant to fire, the foliage is safe and non-toxic.

Assembling your 7ft Silver Christmas Tree:

In addition to excellent craftsmanship and a lifelike appearance, the tree is easy to assemble. The result is that you can spend more time decorating your tree rather than constructing it. A single box will contain x3 tree sections, x1 metal stand and detailed instructions on how to assemble your tree. Since the tree's branches are hinged, each branch does not need to be manually attached to the centre pole. Every branch on each section of the tree is already connected to the pole.

To construct your tree, position your stand on the floor and secure the bottom portion of the tree inside the stand. Once the bottom section is secured with a screw-in bolt, slot in the middle and top sections. Assembly only takes a few minutes.

You will not need any tools or equipment for setup.

Shaping your Silver Christmas Tree:

It's important to note that whilst setting up your tree only takes a couple of minutes, it's essential to spend a reasonable amount of time fluffing and shaping the branches of your new tree. Thankfully, this step usually takes the longest the first time you do it, so prepare for less time fluffing and shaping your tree in subsequent years.

To learn how to fluff and shape your tree follow these steps:

Step 1: Organize the tips

Once you have constructed your tree, it's time to arrange the branches to ensure your tree looks as full and fluffy as can be! It's best to do this by beginning at the back of each branch and working your way towards the front. Start with one branch at a time. To fluff and shape each branch, the way you position each tip is essential. Make sure to place each end to one side or straight up so that they are in the position of the feathers of a peacock's tail.

Step 2: Arrange side branches

It's important to note that some of our trees have side or secondary branches attached to each primary branch. If your tree style includes these secondary branches, it's important to spread these out and pull them away from the main branch.

Step 3: Continue until satisfied

You will find that once you complete the first couple of branches, you will quickly become an expert. After successfully fluffing and shaping the first few, the rest will be easy! Continue to full and shape each branch until you achieve your desired look.

Storing your 7ft Silver Christmas Tree?

In order to get the most value out of your investment, you'll want to ensure your tree is stored well. By keeping your tree properly, you will also be able to extend its lifespan. 

Moisture in excess poses a threat to your tree while it is in storage. The presence of too much water on your tree can damage it or cause an odour. It is therefore vital to store your tree in a cool, dry place. To maintain a healthy climate for your tree, we advise using a moisture absorber to remove unwanted moisture.

More Information about this Tree:


No. of lights

No. of decorations

Tip Count

Girth Width



Hinged Branches

Tree Stand

7 ft





Indoor Use

Flame retardant


Metal stand


Customer Care:

We place a high level of importance on the quality of service we provide to our customers. We strive to give every customer an experience tailored to their needs. If you have any questions or want to learn more about this product, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Silver Christmas Tree UK: Shipping

Our artificial Christmas trees are available to all customers within the United Kingdom. As of right now, we do not offer our products outside of the UK. Our customers can enjoy FREE shipping on all orders and fast delivery nationwide. When you order your tree, you should receive it within 3-5 working days in mainland UK and 3-7 working days in Scottish Isles, Channel Islands, and Northern Ireland.


    What decorations are included with Portland Fir’s silver Christmas tree?

    Our silver Christmas tree includes an exquisite mix of Christmas decorations, including decorative silver baubles, natural pine cones, iridescent silver berry-picks, and glitter poinsettias.

    Is a silver Christmas tree popular?

    A silver Christmas tree is a classically festive shade that embodies the spirit of the holiday season. The glistening appeal offers a charming twinkle and makes this a popular Christmas choice!

    What countries do you deliver to?

    Portland Fir's artificial Christmas trees are available in the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, and Germany. At Portland Fir, we provide fast and free shipping on all orders in the United Kingdom as standard. 

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