FAQ’s Artificial Christmas Trees

Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing their tree, if you have other questions, please just send it to info@portlandfir.com


If you have placed your order within the United Kingdom, you will receive fast and free delivery and should expect to receive your order between 3-5 working days. For orders outside of the United Kingdom, delivery times vary.

All orders received between Monday and Friday will be processed and leave the Portland Fir warehouse within 24 hours. Orders received on weekends (Friday – Sunday) will be processed and leave our warehouse the next business day. Our shipment’s total transit time may take 2-7 days, depending on your delivery address.

 Portland Fir’s headquarters and distribution warehouse is in Ireland. All our orders are dispatched from this facility.

Portland Fir’s artificial Christmas trees are available in the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, and Germany. At Portland Fir, we provide fast and free shipping on all orders in the United Kingdom as standard.

Portland Fir artificial Christmas trees packed securely in a 5-ply cardboard box and BC flute fitted with additional interior inserts for extra protection. In addition, our shipping boxes are stapled to prevent the cardboard from falling apart during transportation, making it less susceptible to damage than its standard counterparts.

 First and foremost, our tree’s distinctiveness is derived from the exceptional know-how and creative zeal behind each tree’s making. Our artificial Christmas trees achieve their unparalleled aesthetic in three ways—first, the quality of our raw materials delivered from our reliable and long-term suppliers. We use only premium grade PVC and PE to create our life-like needles. Second, in the design phase of our artificial Christmas trees, we use nature’s blueprints as our guide and let mother nature lead the way. Based on real evergreen species, our trees are exceptionally life-like and faithful to nature. With our Nature’s best foliage®, our artificial Christmas trees are as close to nature as you can get! Finally, it is our intrinsic dedication to the craft. To us, this trade is far more than just the plain making of a Christmas tree, but a valued tradition passed down two generations.

 All our artificial Christmas trees are designed for easy assembly. All our trees are made with a convenient hinged branch system to ensure easy assembly and disassembly. To assemble, slot each tree section into position and release the hinged drop-down branches into place. Each tree includes easy step-by-step assembly instructions to help you set up your tree. Please note, all artificial Christmas trees are compressed for shipping purposes, and therefore it is essential to spend an adequate amount of time fluffing and shaping your tree; this way, your tree will look its absolute best!

 We offer realistic options in both our pre-lit and un-lit varieties. If you search for an artificial Christmas tree that comes pre-wired with the already attached lights, Portland Fir’s pre-lit trees are the answer. All our pre-lit trees feature clear LED multi-function lights. If you wish to view our most realistic pre-lit trees, view our PF Classic – available in 6.5ft, 7ft, 8ft, and 9ft, or our PF Grand Fir – available in 8ft and 10ft. For our most realistic un-lit trees, visit our Windsor Fir or our PF Rocky Mountain – available in 7ft.

 First and foremost, the size of your artificial Christmas tree is the most crucial factor. It would be best if you chose a tree that fits well in your specific environment. For example, we do not recommend purchasing a 6ft tree in a room with an exceptionally high ceiling as the tree will get lost in the space and vice versa. It is also essential to consider the style of Christmas tree you naturally gravitate towards; for instance, you may admire a long spindled scotch pine or lean more towards a natural Fir tree with elegant down swept branches. It would also help to consider whether you are looking for a tree with a more traditional aesthetic with traditional PVC tips or a hyper-realistic tree with our Nature’s Best tips. For a comprehensive guide to help you make the right choice, visit our Buyer’s Guide.

To make the right choice, firstly consider the space in which your tree will stand. You should consider both the size and height of the room. A good rule of thumb is to have at least 6 inches between the top of your tree and the ceiling. The typical size of a living room in the United Kingdom is approximately 8 feet from the floor to the roof, so a 7ft tree is a good fit. We recommend choosing a slim model, such as our Cool Colorado or our Dulce de Leche, if the room is small. For a comprehensive guide to help you make the best choice, visit our Buyer’s Guide.

Setting up an artificial Christmas tree can be an excellent way to spend time with family and friends and create a memory to last a lifetime. Above all, it can be a fun experience! Depending on the height and style of your new tree, it can take between 30 to 40 minutes to decorate. For the perfectionists among us, this can sometimes take a little longer. Unpacking and assembling your tree should only take a few minutes. However, the real-time should go into fluffing and shaping your new tree. This step requires special attention as all artificial Christmas trees are compressed for shipping purposes. Therefore, to ensure your tree looks as full and fluffy as possible, we recommend reading our fluffing and shaping guide and spending the most time on this step. Once you are satisfied that your tree has been adequately shaped, you can then wrap the lights (if not pre-lit) and decorate your new Portland Fir tree.

 All our artificial Christmas trees are suitable for indoor use only. We do not recommend using our artificial Christmas trees outdoors unless the item is explicitly described as “for outdoor use.” This description would appear on the product page under ‘Detailed Product Specifications’.

All our artificial Christmas trees are manufactured to the highest quality with durability at the core. We manufacture luxury artificial Christmas trees for you and your family to enjoy year after year. On average, most families will keep their tree for five to seven years. To prolong your tree’s life and retain its natural beauty, make sure to store it correctly according to our storage guidelines.

We offer artificial Christmas trees to accommodate most ceiling heights, from low ceilings to exceptionally high ceilings. The size of the tree available depends on the style of the tree. We stock luxury artificial Christmas trees from 6ft up to 10ft.

All our artificial Christmas trees are made with high-quality flame-retardant materials and are free of all tree-related allergens.



 The lights included with our pre-lit use technology to ensure if one bulb burns out, this will not affect any other lights on the tree. Our high-quality LED lights are both long-lasting and energy-efficient. All our lights are manufactured to EN60598-2-20 and conform with European health, safety, and environmental protection standards. If you feel that something is wrong with your lights, you can contact our customer service.

 All our pre-lit and decorated artificial Christmas trees feature warm white, high-quality, multi-function lights. All our lights feature eight modes: Steady On, Comb, In Waves, Sequential, Slo Glo, Chasing/Flash, Slow Fade, and Twinkle/Flash.

 There are two types of tree tips – Nature’s Best tips and Traditional tips. Traditional tips feature soft, flat needles, while Nature’s Best tips are molded to look the most ultra-realistic. Our Nature’s Best technology uses injection-molded polyethylene to mimic an actual evergreen needle’s color, structure, and texture. Our most realistic Christmas trees are made with a combination of Nature’s best foliage and traditional tips, used for added volume and shape. The traditional tips are positioned at the back of each branch as a perfect underskirt forming an attractive full silhouette.

 The quantity of tips depends entirely on your desired aesthetic and budget. The tips are the needles on the artificial Christmas tree. If you are looking for a fuller silhouette, the higher the tip count, the better. You can find the number of tips listed for each of our trees once you select the size in the product.

 Each box should contain a premium metal, three to four tree sections depending on the height of the purchased tree, and a detailed instructions leaflet. The instructions leaflet includes step-by-step assembly instructions, shaping instructions, and storage instructions. For pre-lit trees, the tree lights will be pre-attached to each section of the tree. For decorated trees, your box will include a separate protective compartment for tree lights and decorations.

 To retain the beauty of your new tree, it is imperative to store it correctly. Our detailed care and storage guidelines are listed on the instructions leaflet accompanied with your tree. If you have mistakenly disposed of your instructions leaflet, you can also find this information on our website under ‘Storage tips’. Remember, heat, sun, dust, and excess moisture are harmful to artificial Christmas, so to prolong the life of your new tree, avoid exposing it to these factors.

 Unlike traditional hook-on branches, all our artificial Christmas trees are manufactured using hinged branches for a quick and easy assembly that requires minimal parts. The vast majority of our artificial Christmas trees include three tree sections when disassembled that slot quickly and easily into each other to make up the tree’s body. Larger trees may be divided into four tree sections. Each tree will be accompanied by a premium metal stand with scratch-proof rubber feet. For pre-lit trees, the lights will be pre-attached to each section of the tree. For decorated trees, your box will include a separate compartment for lights and decorations.

 Some artificial Christmas trees are trimmed or decorated with pinecones, such as our Scotch Pine or PF Black Forest. These are natural, hand-picked pinecones. Each pinecone is unique and can vary in size, color, number of scales.


When choosing the perfect size artificial Christmas tree for your home, there are several things to consider:

1. Our trees are measured in feet (ft)
2. The measurement of the tree is from the base of the tree to the top of the tree.
3. The tree stand is included in the overall height of the tree.
4. The tree girth measurement is the widest part at the bottom of the tree.
5. Make sure to leave a minimum of five inches between the ceiling and the tree’s highest point.

If you require additional support, please do not hesitate to our customer support team.

Storing Your Christmas Tree

To ensure the beauty of your artificial Christmas trees is maintained, it’s imperative to store your tree correctly. To prevent any damage, make sure you store your tree in a cool, dry place. We recommend using the original box to keep your tree in excellent condition for years to come. 


Note: Any damage caused by improper storage conditions, such as excessive heat or humidity, is not covered by the warranty of your tree.


  • Carefully remove all the lights and Christmas decorations from your tree. Ensure to unplug the lights.
  • Consider moving the storage box and tree sections to your final storage location. 

Caution: This step is to minimize heavy lifting. Heavy lifting can cause muscle strain and back injury. Should you need to move your tree box, be sure to use proper lifting techniques when moving. 

  • Flatten each tree section so that it will fit more readily into your storage box.
  • Be sure to store your tree in a cool, dry location to prevent it from acquiring a musty odor while in storage.

Insider’s Tip: As an extra precaution to eliminate the chances of your tree acquiring a musty odor, store the tree with a container of baking soda. The baking soda will absorb excess moisture and odors and leave your tree smelling much fresher.